Denmark’s Wind Energy Output Just Exceeded National Demand

  When it comes to renewable energy, Denmark is officially kicking ass. Yesterday, Denmark’s wind farms produced 116% of national electricity demands, allowing the country to export power to Norway, German, and Sweden. According to The Guardian, that figure had risen to 140% by early Friday morning. “It shows that a world powered 100% by […]

20-Years Old Inventor’s Idea On How To Make The Ocean Clean Itself Will Be Launched In Japan

With augmenting industrial activities for the increase in human standard of living, our water systems have been jeopardized to a great extent. The waters which were formerly free from all sorts of waste materials are now heavily laden with effluent and pollutants of all sorts. The biggest problem perhaps is the pollution which constitutes of […]

Beating poverty with a fist full of rice!

MS ARJINA Khatun was married off when she was only 13 years old. After just 13 months of marriage, her husband divorced her because her family was unable to pay the dowry. She did not let that wreck her life. Not only did she turn it around, she also transformed the lives of many women […]

Individualistic vs. Collectivistic cultures (Short version)

INDIVIDUALISTIC VS. COLLECTIVISTIC CULTURES There are two contrasting cultural orientations: one values individualism, and the other values collectivism. In a worldwide study of 116,000 employees of IBM, Geert Hofstede (1980) found that the most fiercely independent people were from the US, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and the Netherlands, in that order. In contrast, the most […]

Excellent paper on intercultural communication by Jens Alwood

English translation of: “Tvärkulturell kommunikation” (1985) in Allwood, J. (Ed.) Tvärkulturell kommunikation, Papers in Anthropological Linguistics 12, University of Göteborg, Dept of Linguistics. Intercultural Communication Jens Allwood 1. Introduction 1.1 Terminology Intercultural communication or communication between people of different cultural backgrounds has always been and will probably remain an important precondition of human co-existance on […]