Project in Istanbul

  HUMAN BEING PLACE AND DATE FOR EXCHANGE: (19-26 April 2019) in Istanbul, Turkey PARTICIPANTS: 60 young people (1 group leader + 6 participants from each countries) WHO: 15-30 COUNTRY:  Partner countries will be UK, Macedonia, Turkey, Denmark, Slovakia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and France. LANGUAGE: The working language will be English.         SUMMARY OF PROJECT […]

Upcoming project: A NEW STORY BEGINS HERE

A New Story Begins Here, is the name of an upcoming project, which will be held in Poggiardo, Italy from 2-8 of November 2018. There will be 49 participants in the project, aged between 18 and 25, thus making the project an international youth exchange.  Danish Intercultural Organization will represent Denmark, one out of 7 […]


So our project Umbrella had a great impact on our participants and our local residents of Nysted. We can say that the participants had a real experience of what it means to be European in rural Denmark. We use to have our projects in places that were closer to the bigger cities but still isolated. Our […]

At gøre ungdomsarbejdere i stand til at arbejde i et interkulturelt følsomt miljø

På den smukke kyst af Ohrid-søen I Struga, blev der afholdt et Erasmus+ projekt varende fra den 5.-14. marts 2018. Projektet tilsigtede, at øge bevidstheden omkring kulturelle forskelle og udvide kendskab til folk med forskellige kulturelle baggrunde. Projektet ”Enabling Youth Workers to Work in Intercultural Sensitive Environment” bestod af 15 deltagere fra tre forskellige lande: […]

European Community Project – Nysted

DIO has decided to create and nurture a European Community in the city of Nysted starting this year. You are probably wondering why in the world Nysted? A small, almost forsaken, harbor town of some 1300 resident (This is an official figure not an actual bodycount – which would likely not have mustered the same […]

United Europe, 14 -22 October, Nysted/ Denmark

PLACE AND DATE: (14-22 OCTOBER 2017) to NYSTED, DENMARK. PARTICIPANTS: 60 young people. (8 Youth+1 group leader from each country) WHO: 18-30 COUNTRY:  Partner countries will be from Denmark, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia. LANGUAGE: The working language will be English. This event will bring together 60 participants from Denmark, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, […]

Deltagere søges til “Active Citizens”- projektet

UNGE SØGES TIL GRATIS UDVEKSLING I HAREBO/NORDSJÆLLAND, HER I NÆSTE MÅNED! I forbindelse med et projekt organiseret af Danish Intercultural Organisation, søges der lige nu unge til et projekt, som skal foregå i Harebo. Projektet varer fra den 9. – 20. Juli, 2017. Projekt type: Europæisk ungdomsudveksling / træningskursus.  Tema: Dette er et EU Erasmus+ […]

Second Home 12-20 December 2016, Denmark

Human migration is a global and vital issue of Europe. Annually a total 214 million international migrants are immigrating to other countries. Young people constitute more than 10 % of this sum, yet too little is known about their struggles and experiences of them abroad. Project is created by all partners that initially worked together […]

We Are Multipliers

New experiences, friendships, non-formal learning and skills-boosting. What is their common denominator? The Erasmus+ training course in Istanbul named “We Are Multipliers”. The project took place from 21/01-30/01 2016 in the Istanbul-district Bayrampaşa. In total, 44 young, ambitious people from near and far were gathered from ten different countries: Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, […]