Danish Intercultural Organisation, also known as DIO, is a NGO that serves as a platform for intercultural dialogue across nationalities, ethnicities and cultural divisions in Europe.

Our organisation consists of young and dedicated volunteers, who all share the common above mentioned goals. In DIO, some of us are born in Denmark and some of us are not. Some of us have immigrant or refugee background, and some of us can trace our Danish family roots back for generations.

In the end it just means that we all have our unique perspectives on being Danish in our own society and in a multicultural EU – and why not put that experience and knowledge to good use for the sake of Europe’s future?


DIO is based in Frederiksberg in the heart of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Our activities are primarily based within the European continent, where we cooperate with NGOs from almost every European country. Further, we have a strong partnership with individuals and organizations in Turkey where we also base some of our projects.

This means that our organization has a Danish base and that we as an initial principle occupy Danish intercultural mindsets. But… we are very much influenced by our partners and by their local environment, way of thinking, mannerisms, and national traditions, etc; essentially our projects are one big dynamic intercultural partnership. And hopefully, this intercultural partnership can and will help our members and partners in their activities in local communities and create a perspective on own society in a broader European context.

Danish Intercultural Organisation