DIO puts a great emphasis on achieving expected results in regard to all the different fields in which DIO is envolved. This is not only a sign of our dedication to our partners and stakeholders though also a commitment to our philosophy. We have based our belief on the methodological approach known as Problem-Oriented-Solutions. This means that the we focus on reaching the best solution(s) at hand without being withhold by any ideological beliefs or opinions. Practically, what this means is that we focus on issue at its core and work our way pragmatically towards a solution. This may sound simple however in fact it is more complicated than it sounds. Solving a problem, one has to understand the circumstances, distinguish information and analyse a high amount of data while adhering to a given time frame. That is why our members undergo a mandatory introduction in DIO’s methodology. This methodology is based on following subjects: 


  • Change Management
  • Organizational Culture
  • Theory of Science
  • Reflective Philosophy


We put a great effort into knowledge sharing so that we can able to function as a collective brain. All of our courses are dynamic, so they can be adjusted to contemporary reality.

Danish Intercultural Organisation