Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to connect people and create networks between organisations and individuals in order to strengthen European unity and identity while promoting social inclusion and intercultural awareness and competences.





In DIO we are concerned with and share some overall values:


European identity and unity

European solidarity is vital if we wish to continue to grow as nations within the same union. In DIO we encourage each individual and group to promote national pride and particularities as a constructive way of stating identity but we equally support the establishment of a European bond across nations and cultures that can build partnerships and social mobilisation.



Respect is manifested in the way we think, talk and act. We always strive to promote dialogue based on a mutual understanding and respect for different opinions, and we support in principle every individual’s or group’s privilege to speak and operate freely within the scope of local laws. At the same time we always encourage people to think about the purpose of an act or a statement, as the actions usually affect other people too; in DIO we support constructive contributions for the common good, and for us respect is targeted both inwards and towards others.


A conscious youth

We encourage the continued fostering of a conscious and open minded European youth population and we invite people in the ages of 15 to 30 from all over Europe to participate in our projects. A conscious youth is not easily defined, as there are many and different but equally important societal issues in our local and global communities. Our ambition is to keep pushing for a more united and inclusive Europe, as we examine issues, discuss solutions and act together.

Danish Intercultural Organisation