“Eco-Action” APV in Nuuk Greenland, 25 – 28 June 2015

APV: Eco-Action

Dates: 25-28 June 2015

Venue: Nuuk, Denmark


The Advanced Preparatory Visit is a pre-project expedition where representative of the participating organisations have the opportunity explore the venue of the project to come.


Our mission to Nuuk was an investagory expedition where we wanted to explorer the opportunities to realise our project Eco-Action.Advanced Preparatory Visit

The project entitled “Eco-Action” is focused on the theme of climate change addressed by concerned and proactive European youth. In the frames of the project we intended to organise a youth expedition to the arctic region to prepare a documentary about the ecological changes.

Within Eco-Action project, we attempt to raise eco-thinking of young Europeans, educate them on the topic of climate change, sustainability and witness global warming effects of the melting of the ice cap in Greenland.


We achieved the purpose of the APV which was to get more familiar with the Greenlandic society, its past and its future regarding ecological challenges. We met representatives from different aspect of the Greenlandic society which all gave shared their opinion about how imagine Greenlands future will be.