20-Years Old Inventor’s Idea On How To Make The Ocean Clean Itself Will Be Launched In Japan

With augmenting industrial activities for the increase in human standard of living, our water systems have been jeopardized to a great extent. The waters which were formerly free from all sorts of waste materials are now heavily laden with effluent and pollutants of all sorts. The biggest problem perhaps is the pollution which constitutes of plastic bags and other plastic material. To prevent plastic accumulation on our land, it is usually disposed in the seas and oceans as an easier way of getting rid of all the used and unwanted plastic bags.

Man is selfish when it comes to the exploitation of natural resources and their degradation; the plastic that he gets rid of by throwing it in the water systems plagues aquatic life and jeopardizes the survival of aquatic organisms. To address this issue, Boyan Salt has come up with an idea that helps in eradicating the pollution in oceans in a rather feasible and environmental-friendly fashion. At the mere age of 20, this genius has come up with the Ocean Cleanup Foundation which puts to use the oceanic currents which work in eliminating a considerable amount of plastic waste from these water systems.

This plan consists of setting up large floats which shall skim through the oceans, collecting the solid waste with them without posing any probable danger to the life underwater. The currents would be the driving force for these gigantic floats which would not be reliant on any kind of fuel or machinery for their operation. It isn’t only a pollution-free idea, but is also unbelievably economical.
Japan is to be the first country to implement this brilliant idea, and will hopefully deploy the 2000m float in early 2016, which would be the largest float in the world. It has been estimated that using these floats as a means of removing plastic waste would result in a 3% reduction in the amount of money spent on other, less effective methods of waste removal.

Source:  http://amazyble.com/creative/20-years-old-inventors-idea-make-ocean-clean-will-launched-japan/