European Community Project – Nysted

DIO has decided to create and nurture a European Community in the city of Nysted starting this year. You are probably wondering why in the world Nysted? A small, almost forsaken, harbor town of some 1300 resident (This is an official figure not an actual bodycount – which would likely not have mustered the same figure). The city was founded by a Danish King in the 14th century to increase the maritime trade with the North Germans. However, business has not been thriving lately and therefore this beautiful harbor town with is unique and rare architecture has been left to the history books. 

The reason why we have chosen Nysted as a place of European Community, is that it would be a win – win situation for those who are coming for the European VET and Erasmus + EVS programmes and the local community of Nysted. The city is perfectly suited to absorb the VET and EVS people because of two main factors. The first factor is that even though Nysted is a small town, it has suprisingly many small businesses and public institutions that can offer vocational and educational training.  

Second factor is that the small size of the town creates the perfect condition for a thriving community of locals and newcoming trainees. So all in all, the city offers the cosy Danish atmosphere of “hygge” and togetherness because of its small size.