So our project Umbrella had a great impact on our participants and our local residents of Nysted. We can say that the participants had a real experience of what it means to be European in rural Denmark.
We use to have our projects in places that were closer to the bigger cities but still isolated. Our Nysted Projects have benefitted in this way that when we make our projects in this small town the effects of the projects are felt. To elaborate on this, the participants influence the local residents, as well as the local residents, influence the participants. By this we feel that we capture the true spirit of the European Union, to make something that appears far and strange, to something that is close and familiar.

Through their own prepared daily workshops, the participants could live out what it means to be responsible for own and collective learning. Great experience and knowledge were attained throughout this project, especially because our participants viewed themselves as being the primarily responsible persons for the learning outcome. According to our learning-by-doing methodology the participants experienced aspects they either did not know they had or to shy to show others. By being responsible for all the different aspects that is in a project the partipants understood that they could do more than they were aware of.