B.A.B.E.L: Boosting Abilities By Empowering Languages, Vibo Valentia 2014

22/09 – 28/9 -2014, Vibo Valentia

B.A.B.E.L: Boosting Ability By Empowering Languages is a Youth Exchange of 35 youngsters, aged between 18 and 25 years old, from Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Turkey and Sweden. It seemed appropriate to choose so many different countries to guarantee  different points of view on the EU, on the perception that each of these countries has of its membership and on the importance of national and not national languages within it. The project will take place in Vibo Valentia, in southern Italy. This project focuses on the ability of young people to use several languages and their opportunity to access culture and participate as active citizens, to enjoy  better communication, inclusion and employment. Better language skills are an advantage in all activities, including mobility in general.

The main objective of the project is to raise awareness of the value and opportunities of the EU’s linguistic diversity and encourage the removal of barriers to intercultural dialogue. Other objectives are:

– To promote and enhance all languages, in fact, in the current context of mobility and migration, mastering the national languages

it is essential to be able to integrate and play an active role in society;

– Make participants aware that the competitiveness of linguistics can improve their employability ;

– Use the method of non- formal education as an effective tool for learning and spreading its use ;

– To support European objectives aimed at investing in people , their skills and abilities, and to guide them towards innovative solutions;

– Make the participants understand the importance of foreign language as a communication tool, taking into account that we live in an era in which relations with other countries are essential

– Broaden the horizons of cultural, social and human rights of the participants to understand that each language reflects the different ways of life of the communities who speak and express in different ways the aspects of human experience, having great importance to the understanding and to the respect of others and the values they possess.

Activities will be based on a non formal learning (learning by doing)