United By Difference – In all inclusive sports, Turkey 2015

Another awesome project from Danish Intercultural Organisation!

First of all, we want to thank everybody who  made it possible to realise our project.

This project offered us the opportunity to apply our organisations newest tool contextual problem solving, the “why, how and what” method. The reason behind the creation of this method was the interest of actually achieving reapplicable results from our projects, so we will be able to prove that we strive to create tangible results. The result proved that our method offered the participants a mean to actually seek the reasons behind a problem or any given complex situation, as social exclusion which we wanted to find a procedure on how to tackle. The method created the necessity of critical thinking to solve the issue of social exclusion. Many participants actually presented solutions from their team-based work that a holistic approach to the issue would be the most sensible approach, since it took so many details into consideration. The results we have achieved will be analysed and the “why, how and what” method will be adjusted, if needed, accordingly.