United by Difference – In all inclusive sports, Denmark 2015

Youth Exchange: United by Difference – In all inclusive sports

Dates: 22-28 June 2015

Venue: Allerød, Denmark


Youth exchange offers young people an opportunity to share, discuss and experience useful approaches, techniques and tools helping to evoke, develop and support using sport as a method of social inclusion. The aim of the YE is also to promote sport as an educational and social tool helpful to support young people (life skills, attitude, values, social integration).


United by Difference – Denmark, was the last project of the 2 project United By Difference – in all inclusive sports series, in which the first was held in Diyarbakir, Turkey June 2015. In this project we had the opportunity to apply modifications to our new methods that we have worked on since the first project in Diyarbakir. We added much practical activities based on the theoretical platform we have develop since we started DIO. We worked with “contextual problem solving” which we have put a big emphasis on since we believe that it is tangible and dynamic method for investigation and/or problem solving.

United by Difference project was created with the purpose of tackling social exclusion with sport as the mean. So we went on trying to understand what the benefits of sports were in order to tackle social exclusion. We understood that sports created a reality in which our daily dimensions, such skin colour, social status, faith etc. didn’t not have an influence. Most importantly we put emphasis on which kinds of sports were most beneficial, where we came to the fact that sports in which team members are highly depended of eachother were the best to break the barriers that led to social exclusion.


We always try to meassure the impact of our projects on the participants, and here we noticed that the confidentiality and friendship bonds between participants from different nations and cultures were not only created fast, but also emotionally profound. We have had very positive feedback from the participants and we will use this to further develop our methodology and organisational culture in order to further improve our projects.