The goal of the project was that participants must embrace the EU for then to “live out” their inner EU in their local and regional networks, so they spread a positive image of the EU.

The first tangible goal is a manifesto created by the young people themselves, how they determine what values they think the EU should consist of.

The second is a video where all participants are allowed to film something that they believe can be used to show the possibilities in the EU and Erasmus + auspices.

The Anti-EU movement will have a youthful opponents. Young people need to share experiences and tools with each other so that they can agree on what is best practice. Thus they automatically help to promote co-operation that exists between organisations across the country in youth mobility framework. Participants will also feel connected with each other across differences, which is important for the EU’s future.

Therefore we created a manifesto open for people to follow and even modify constructively


Our European Manifest


All citizens of the Union are equal to eachother in all of the Unions countries.

All citizens of the Union are protected by the human rights decleration. 

Citizens have the right of fulling their dreams within the borders of the Union.

All nations are in solidarity with eachother, be it politically, economically and in defense.

The Union is obliged to be a window for the rest of the world and contribute to its positive development.



Here is the regional newspaper Folketidende’s report about our project.




Last but not least our video about the project in the following link.