So, what do we do, specifically? Founder, Serhat Baran, explains:

“We have formed an organisation that sets up hands-on projects all over Europe in order to connect and unite young people to discuss issues that we feel are important to us within the European Union. The projects typically contain workshops including different presentations and modules of knowledge and best practice sharing that can hopefully help prevent e.g. youth unemployment, social exclusion or discrimination.”

Serhat adds a few words to the value of the intercultural encounter:

“It is a great chance for everyone involved to meet new and knowledgeable people who may not have the same age, educational background or nationality as themselves, or share the same political conviction, but who may challenge them with new perspectives on issues in society that they feel are important to address.”

“That is usually a good recipe for innovation, development and social mobilisation.”

So, how do we do what we do? Founder, Serhat Baran, lifts the lid on the basics:

“Our projects are supported by the European Union (the Erasmus + programme), and the project topics are either selected from our concept database or by requests from our partners or other stakeholders. The planning and execution of each individual project is then based on collaboration between different organisations and individuals who have fundamental knowledge on and interest in the subject.”

“In my opinion, this gives the most dynamic and effective projects, as curiosity and ideas have a chance to blossom into methods and initiatives for the benefit of European solidarity and prosperity, he concludes.”

Danish Intercultural Organisation